Famous Guests

All of our guests are famous. Here are some of the more recent visitors and their stories:

When a girl is getting married she celebrates her last single day with her best friends. Anna-Mart brought best friend and bride to be Eldre' to Clements Retreat to party the night away. Joining them were Mia, Marli, Chantal, Connie, Carla,, Carol and Nichola.



                         Soon to be exporting their skills to Melbourne in  Oz Matt and Kayleigh brought their circle of friends to Clements Retreat for a final farewell weekend. Seen having fun with Matt and Kayleigh are Nic, Mike, Deb, Paul, Cath, Kershwin, Chad, Megan, Shaun and Kayley.


Botswana's newest aircraft owner Jonathan brought his brand new baby India and Mom Joanna to Clements Retreat for a family reunion with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Ian. All were impressed with his piloting skills.


The bachelor party for Yehuda was organised by Josh at Clements Retreat. The party went on all weekend. Seen smiling are Steve, Daniel, Yehuda, Lloyd, Yair, Yonah, Garth, Shaun, Moshe, Marol and Marcel.

A birthday bash brought Alex and his eclectic circle of friends (posing as a rent-a -crowd!) to Clements Retreat. Seen enjoying the country life are: Alex, Joe, Angie, Elizna, Jessica, Chantelle, Yvonne, Marnus, Werner and Shaun. If you're smart in a water starved country talk to Alex about rain water and grey water harvesting, irrigation systems and water features: www.facebook.com/bluelinewater



 The first team of Adriel and Keara from ASTROFUNK visited Clements Retreat for an overdue holiday. Try them for snazzy T shirts, corporate branding or safety wear.



Taryn brought a lively crew to Clements Retreat for a girls weekend away. Jumping for joy are Taryn the maths boffin , Robyn the chef soon to be teacher, Deana-Rae the artist, Ashleigh the zoologist, Justine the missionary and Sinead the singer.



Banking business analyst Charlotte and entrepreneur Atasha came to Clements Retreat to escape the pressure of the city.


Escaping from the rigors of Wits Medical School David brought friends Josh a future trauma surgeon, Avraham a future physician, Yehuda a qualified structural engineer and Avi an attorney/businessman to Clements Retreat for the Sabbath. The mountains are still echoing with their wonderful singing.


         Alisha and Theunis came to Clements Retreat for a break and a tour around the Magaliesberg.


 Clements Retreat brings amazing people together from all over the world. Gaby organised the first Korean visitors including the remarkable Professor Chungja Agnes Kim and her friends Agnes Ko ( the stargazer who enjoyed seeing the Milky Way thanks to the dark night), Maria and Fransca. Visit https://gregorygondwe.wordpress.com/tag/prof-chungja-agnes-kim/  for the remarkable musical story of Agnes Kim.


An imminent wedding brought 2 families to Clements Retreat from CapeTown, Pietermaritzburg and Joburg for an expanded family get together. The happy couple of Lejanie and Theuns managed to convince everyone that their union would be a success. They were joined by Kitty,  Theunis,  Casper, Johan, Scholtz and Judith.    


          Air hostess Isabel visited Clements Retreat with Science Educator Dragan from Serbia for a break from a hectic lifesyle. 


   Project manager Joanne brought son Miles to Clements Retreat for a family get together in the country. He is seen with his grandparents Dougie and June and aunt Sue.


Former kick boxer Matthew brought raver Mom Meagan to Clements Retreat for a local birthday party. Joining them for the weekend were a very eclectic crew. Derek is a former pageant queen Ms Margate, Katherine a belly dancer, Marius a tax accountant, Luke a former impresario, Gary a racing car driver and Tarryn a wedding planner who starred on Top Billing.



Social welfare student Chrisna brought IT student Kobus to Clements Retreat for a romantic Valentines weekend.


 Louis and Wendy brought Keiara and Tamzyn to Clements Retreat for a holiday break. They especially enjoyed a day at Saddle Creek riding horses, quads and go karts.


Lesego and Gift brought this group to Clements Retreat to rest after a hard year. They have a big collection of photos taken down at the waterfall.


We get special people at Clements Retreat. Naomi and Peter have built a special family. Choosing to rest in the mountains rather than race off to the sea from Botswana they chilled out and recharged their batteries. In the picture are SuperDad and Mom Peter and Naomi, son Daniel the future bush pilot, daughter Rebekah who is aiming for the stars and Hannah whose  goal is a career in the dramatic arts. Farm dog Lexi looks on.


Learning to fly has been a lifelong dream of Jonathan. He finally bit the bullet and signed up with Sue Singleton at Valleyflight Microlights just down the road. His Polish wife Joanna enjoyed the break from Botswana at Clements Retreat. 


                          Seeking a battery recharge from a hectic life Lyn and Nichole came all the way from Muldersdrift to Clements Retreat. Nichole is a lecturer in Fine Art and Photography and Lyn, a former Ballet Dancer is currently a guest house owner and wedding decor designer. If you are looking for her visit:  www.hartleymanor.co.za.



 Junior Wimbledon tennis player Carmen brought world's best granny Joy, son Cameron (alias Batman) friend Michele the yoga expert and son Cole the A team swimmer to Clements Retreat to chill out from the big city.


Fatima brought husband Nazeem and their children to Clements Retreat to ride their mountain bikes and to have fun. They also brought a mystery guest who did not wish to be photographed (she can be seen in the background if you look carefully!)


Lyn and Lyndsay brought an eclectic team to Clements Retreat for a fun filled weekend riding elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary, touring Chameleon Village and riding the Hartebeespoort cable car. Cousins Sandra and Jim came all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. Husband Johnny is a famous baseball player and brother Ron a chartered accountant. His daughter Lyndsay is engaged to marry Graham, a master yachtsman and engineer. Lyn is a distingiushed geological draughting expert, another first for Clements.


Our first visitors from Holland arrived at Clements Retreat to visit the Sterkfontein caves and Maropeng. Seven times visitors to South Africa Magda and Rene' are well travelled eco volunteers who help out on game farms to preserve our natural heritage.



Nilou is the first visitor to Clements Retreat from Turkey. We have a lovely Persian inscription in our guest book to prove it. She brought her sister all the way from Dubai -- another first.  Husband Eugene completed the happy trio.


Photography and make-up specialist Belinda came to Clements Retreat with Gerard for some fresh air and quiet. Gerard is a farmer from Grootvlei who does not enjoy the crush of city life. He also enjoys the Magaliesberg mountains.


Malita and Andrew visited Clements Retreat for a break in the country away from the madness of the city.


Guest house owner Lesley from Umhlanga brought "Mommy Friends" Brenda and Theresa to Clements Retreat for a reunion.


Electrical engineers Graham and Karen visited Clements Retreat for an escape from the pollution of van der Byl Park. As big time adventurers in the world of motorcycle touring, camping, triathlon and kayaking they enjoyed the micro brewery at The Black Horse.


We keep getting interesting people at Clements Retreat. The latest is a grown man in a baby grow!!! His name is Colyn and he was celebrating his last days as a bachelor with his friends. Thanks to the organisational skills of the hard working Cobus this group enjoyed a memorable bachelor party. Celebrating are: Cobus, Colyn, Daniel Benjamen, Tiaan, Braam, Pieter, Wynand, Carl, Michael and Marnus.


                                                  While their parents slept in late this happy quartet explored the river walk at Clements Retreat. Derisha, Hariska, Gena and EJ were on the lookout for crocodiles.


Antonio and Minda came to Clements Retreat for a break from the Big City.


Simon  brought Tara, Siena and Sophia all the way from Los Angeles, California to Clements Retreat to spend time with Dad Phil.


Candidate attorney Lloyd brought Fine Art and Psychology undergraduate Michelle to Clements Retreat for a quick break from the hectic city.


Graham is a pecan nut farmer and wedding venue operator at www.thenutcracker.co.za. He brought the energetic team of Jessica, Tayla, Sacha and Ewan to Clements Retreat for a break away.


The Golden Lions rugby team are surprising everyone with their successes this Super Rugby season. Part of the reason is Bafana is on the coaching staff!! To escape the pressure of the season he brought Gantse. Teboho, Ntswaki, Andile and Londa to Clements Retreat for an escape in the country.



Kgomotso celebrated his birthday at Clements retreat with Ntsebe. They rode horses at Saddle Creek and Ntsebe enjoyed a spar treatment at the Valley Lodge.


Niveshni and her friends escaped the wards of Baragwanath to celebrate her birthday at Clements Retreat.  Seen with her are fellow doctors Alex and Michael.


Malebo and her friend escaped from the pressure world of auditing for a relaxing weekend at Clements Retreat. They visited Maropeng and went horse riding at Saddle Creek.


                          Superdad Kirby decided he needed quality time with his son Kieran. So Clements Retreat provided the base for a fun weekend. Saddle Creek was visited for quad and horse riding. Here he is seen feeding the geese at bedtime.


         Dashing Granny Merle brought daughter Anita and grandchildren Sasha and Nicholas to Clements for an adventure break. Nicholas is an expert in dinosaurs. Charlie the border collie wants to know what's for supper.


A wedding at Askari Lodge brought this family group to Clements Retreat from as far afield as Nelspruit, Springs and Durban. Central organisers were Florence and Emily who assembled this impressive group. Looking happy are Brian, Meriesha, Ike, Adrian, Piet, Cathy, Albert, Laura, Desiray, Thomas, Magda,  Florence, Juandre', baby Marlene, Emily,  Alison, and Terry the guitarist.


Visual arts practitioner Anna brought friend Carla to Clements for some well earned R&R over Easter. Anna focuses (no pun intended) on photography while Carla is completing her MSc at Tukkies.


A wedding at Rustig brought IT guru Karel, his Mom Isabel (a master quilt maker and family support manager), retired water and waste management researcher Dad Willem, bank executive Dian and his leadership development consultant wife Leezelle to Clements Retreat. They hail from the fairest Cape.


Eun Jung and Steven are from South Korea. 

Francois, Albert, Willem and Jacques came all the way from Upington with a truckload of sheep to attend the annual Oostermoed Boerdery sheep and game sales. 


Girls just want to have fun. Loretta, Jenny, Diile and Setshwaneng came to Clements Retreat to ride horses and quads at nearby Saddle Creek and to chill out together.


Thanks to her very generous son Steve healthcare specialist Evelyn brought Ouma Mieta, Bonny and son Peter-John to Clements Retreat for a holiday of note. Askari provided both a big 5 game drive and spa treatments that left them all relaxed and tranquil.


Graphic designer and IT specialist Waldo and TV graphic designer Bronwyn chose Clements Retreat as a base to tour. They visited the Mountain Sanctuary, enjoyed the excitement of the Canopy Tour and spent a day at the Monkey Sanctuary. 


International tour organiser and marketing guru Helen chose Clements Retreat for her escape from humanity and a chance to enjoy the company of acclaimed zoologist Dr Tim far from the madding crowd. 


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of her son Owen, Karmala brought her friends to Clements Retreat to escape the pressure of the Big City. Pictured are the vivacious Loretta, beautiful  Margie, ever young Carole and organiser Kamala .


Repeat visitor Lisa brought niece Chante, Mom Chrissie and friend Amanda  to Clements Retreat for a weekend break.


Writer/journalist Fatima chose Clements Retreat for a break for her banker husband Nazeem and family Ijaaz (a future construction engineer)Quraisha, and Sojida.


Cheryl Lancellas of Southern Africa Yoga Safaris travelled all the way from Ballito to host her Magaliesberg Yoga Safari at Clements Retreat. Looking relaxed and happy are Catherine, Cheryl, Fatima, Antouinette and Annonymous.


Independent economist Pieter travelled all the way from Cape Town to enjoy Clements Retreat with his partner Marcelle who is a child development practitioner. 


Hilary brought camera shy husband Jim and sons Paul and Daniel to Clements for some R & R. Hilary's interest is in dressage. Charlie the border collie is saying hello.


Clements Retreat played host to the sixth anniversary of the Bombay Sapphire Reunion. Originating in White River six years ago over a bottle of Bombay Sapphire dry gin it has been annually observed no matter where in the world the attendees are based. Dr Steyn Heckroodt, international strategic planning consultant. travelled from Cape Town with marketing consultant wife Anneke and son Joshua and daughter Danielle. Joining them from Doha, Quatar in the Middle East were Sasol senior executive Con, organisational developer wife Liezel and twins Armand and Marcel. Danielle is planning on a career as a supermodel, Joshua as a megadancer and the twins as National Geographic world reporters. 


Engineer Gavin brought Mom in Law Loulla all the way from Long Island, New York to Clements Retreat to play with her grandson Kai and to chill with her daughter Olivia before her big day. The baby girl is due very soon.



Jaco celebrated his 40th birthday with Springbok gymnast wife Chrissy at Clements Retreat with his two daughters Emma-Kayla and Chloe, his sons Juan and Johann Jnr, Mom & Dad Magda and Johann Snr, sister Rentia, Father and Mother in law Chris and Brenda, Chrissy's sister Elise and husband Gerard with their children Estevan and Talita.


Vizi brought the University of the Witwatersrand team to Clements Retreat to celebrate Ayabonga's birthday and to chill out. Accompanying them is Chwayita and Thulani.


The American Memorial Day holiday was enjoyed on Clements Retreat by an eclectic collection of Americans. They also visited Saddle Creek to ride go karts.  John and James from Ohio, Anders from Minnesota, Jeff from Massachusetts and Carlos originally from Cuba. Gus is a local dog!! 


Major organiser Claudy brought her team of girlfriends to Clements Retreat to celebrate Snowy's birthday and to enjoy Mother's Day. The horizontal diva is Candice supported by Marlene, Snowy, Belinda and Claudy.


             Celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary at Clements Retreat were entrepreneur Tim and his wife Nelly


Personal trainer Rob brought Harley Davidson specialist Mone to Clements for a hot weekend.


Big game hunter Andre' chose Clements Retreat for his family gathering. Mom Carol , daughters Lyndsay and Michelle, son Karl-Heinz and Lyndsay's boyfriend Johan explored every inch of the river and the farm.


Clements Retreat was delighted to host repeat visitors all the way from Botswana. The German team of Till and Nina with their son Yann Matteo were accompanied by the Swiss team of Mattia and Marianne with their son Alexander.


SuperMom Angy brought hard working husband Trevor to Clements Retreat for a family weekend. She describes herself as the mother of two handsome sons who have found daughters in law that have exceeded expectations!! Kenneth, Olga, Trevor,  Angy,   Joanney and Roderick rode mountain bikes and hiked all over the Valley while using Clements as their base. 


Valentine's weekend brought the lively Ella and entrepreneur Rory to Clements Retreat for a fun filled weekend. They rode quads at Saddle Creek and went on the Canopy Tour.


South Africa's very own CSI forensic expert Cobus brought his lovely wife Joey to Clements for an overdue holiday. Joey is a professional nurse in a private hospital.


IT engineer Ryan brought Jenni to Clements for a well earned holiday. They enjoyed horse riding at Saddle Creek, the canopy tour, the micro brewery at the Black Horse and Goblin's Cove.


Travel agent Carmyn brought son Matthew and Mom and Dad  Janny and Danie to Clements Retreat. Danie is training Matthew to be a scratch handicap  golfer. Carmyn will guide you to Mauritius or the Maldives.


Bank executive Samuel brought wife Nomsa and friends Sheila and John  to Clements Retreat for the New Year weekend.


Irene and Tom escaped to Clements Retreat from the Big Smoke at New Year to escape the noise of the fireworks. Also visiting are son Sean with Dharmisha and  baby Gabriella.


Benoit and Antoinette escaped to Clements Retreat for a break in the country. They also visited  Mountain Sanctuary Park. Benoit is the publisher of the childrens magazine Supernova and Antoinette is an ecologist.


Newlyweds Paballo and Justin chose Clements Retreat for their honeymoon. Paballo is a BSc biochemistry graduate and Justin a guesthouse owner.


Two beautiful people on a beautiful day. Jodie sculpted that beautiful body dancing in famous troupes like Spirit of the Dance. And Ilan is a scuba Divemaster and jewellery manufacturer specialising in diamonds. They rode elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary and enjoyed lunch at the Black Horse.


Attorney Boitumelo brought husband Papi and family Keneilwe, Lorato, Bokang,  Rea and baby Omolemo from Mafikeng to Clements for a fun long weekend.


Bank medical aid executive Johanne' brought husband Dominee Neels, Johan, Ds Karin, Johannie, Neels Jnr, Nelani and Yobyn to Clements for a fun weekend. Johannie celebrated her birthday and passing the third year of her Dietetics degree at Tuks with distinction.


Marketing guru Lauren came all the way from chilly London with Gretchen, Dan and Martin to attend a wedding at Askari and to enjoy the delights of the Magaliesberg.


Events management organiser Pippa brought husband Mike to Clements to celebrate their wedding anniversary.


Tiffany chose Clements Retreat for her honeymoon venue with brand new husband Wesley. We wish them a long and happy marriage.


What do you get when you have a birthday party and a large group of good friends at Clements Retreat? Ask famous accommodation expert Wilco  (the birthday boy)and his eclectic collection of friends. They had a ball. From front right: Samantha, Wilco, Natalie, Veronica, Angelique, Peter, Anthony. Albert, Victoria (in middle), Mariano, Denis and Steve


Serra brought her team all the way from Botswana for a weekend of fun for the kids at Clements Retreat. They abandoned their playstations and explored every inch of the farm. This is the first time Clements Retreat has hosted a German, a Turk, and Canadians together!! Seen having fun are Max, Nicola, Philip, Madeline, Serra, Luca and Marcus.


Famous attorney Thembela brought her favourite man Naze all the way from Nigeria to visit Clements Retreat and to go riding at Saddle Creek. He swam at the waterfall to cool off.


Marlise brought her far flung friends from as far afield as Cape Town to celebrate her 40th birthday at Clements Retreat. Seen having fun in the early Spring sunshine are James, Ronal, Marlise, Celdri, Steyn, Shelly, Anneke, Johann, Sandy 


Patricia brought her sisters and friends to Clements for her annual breakaway. Seen enjoying a relaxing weekend are Patricia, Mbali, Gugu, Xoli, Thule and Amanda


Alan Boesak brought Olivia to Clements for a fun weekend before heading back to work in Germany.


Chief organiser Peet brought soon to be married Tiaan to Clements for his bachelor party.  The merry team to celebrate his last days of bachelor freedom are: Jaco, Greg, George, Wesley, Arno, Chrisjan, David, Peet, Johan, Hoffie, Stefan, Herman, Jacobus, Tiaan and Brian.



       Ryan and Cindy are fast becoming our most valuable guests. Ryan brought Mom Delene all the way from Constantia, Cape Town to enjoy Clements with Cindy's sibling triplets (a first for Clements Retreat) Larry and Martine. Also along for the fun weekend were Steven and Lucia from Kyalami.


       Commercial property estate agent Bobby Rogers brought interior design specialist wife Ronel  to Clements for a long weekend break with daughter Loudie-Mari and son Stanley. Stanley is practicing hard to play tennis at Wimbledon in 10 years time. They enjoyed riding elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary and dinner at the Black Horse.


           Independent graphic artist Mike brought superMom Nickie and effervescent son Joshua to Clements for a weekend break. Josh fed the geese and the ostriches, explored the dinosaurs footprints and sat in the Giants chair. He also looked for crocodiles on the river walk.


Samantha selected Clements Retreat for her beautiful Mom Amanda's birthday celebration. The farm dogs Charlie, Jono and Nikkie gave them a big welcome. From the left: Natalie, Carl, Amanda, Samantha and Dylan.


Budding entrepreneur Stephan enjoyed a much needed break at Clements Retreat with foreign exchange expert Frikkie. Farm dog Jono is giving them the traditional Clements Retreat woofie welcome.


Mother's Day brought Meisie and her group Dorcas, Isaac and Job to Clements for some much needed R & R.


Famous UK star of stage and screen Ammerance brought her eclectic collection of incredibly fit friends to Clements for an Easter weekend of mountain biking, hiking and chilling out.  From the top left: Ben, Nathan, Clive Middle: Diane, Ammerance, Liza, Didi. Front:  Tom and Arno.


All the way from England Kate and husband Shaun brought Granny Ishbel and youngsters Kylie and Luke to Clements for a reunion with varsity pal Keith and wife Natalie and youngsters David and Duncan.


David brought Jacqui to Clements for a Fly in nearby. The aeroplane is a beautiful Russian Yak 52


  Sanette brought her lively group to Clements to celebrate Herrie's birthday and to go horse riding at Saddle Creek. The mountains are still echoing with their laughter. From the left are the famous Kobus, Natacha, Charlie, Jeanette, Karien, Hennie, Sanette and Herrie. 


Thomas brought the lovely Mpho to Clements for a rest in the countryside. His pith helmet was easily overshadowed by Mpho's Durban July special.


Stewart and his team from the Ulysses Motorcycle Club in Queenstown chose Clements for their base on their 2011 Christmas tour. Stewarts family owned the farm on Moloneys Eye (the source of the Magalies River) over 100 years ago. From the left are Kenny, Anton, Stewart, Okkie, Nossie and Weaz the Springbok fisherman.

Carine brought overworked doctor husband Gert to Clements for a well earned rest. Being a physiotherapist she soothed all his aching muscles!!

Evashni decided that Clements Retreat would make the perfect venue for the bachelor party of her future sister in law Aneshrie.  The happy girls are Elandree, Nisha, Aneshrie, Evashni and Anthea. 

What happens when you mix a PhD in fracture mechanics, a lawyer, a software Director from a major bank, two occupational therapists, another PhD in air  quality, a railway engineer and a lively young son together in the magic of Clements Retreat? You get a lot of fun and laughter. Nicola, Michael, Beverley, Josef, Kristy, Lauren, Ed and Dave made up this interesting group.

Doctor Tina accompanied Andre and Charles to Clements. They came for the annual corporate mountain bike race at van Gaalen's.


Mechanical engineer Luke brought IT practitioner Michelle to Clements to propose to her down at the river. Both love the outdoors and she said Yes!!!


SuperGranny Mavis brought the scatterlings of Africa for a family reunion at Clements Retreat. Keith brought son Christopher all the way from Sydney, Australia to unite with  sister Carrol and cousins Gary and Shannon from Zambia. Those are genuine New Zealand rugby jerseys.


Famous fashion designers from Johannesburg Patricia, Portia, Patricia and Matsha came to Clements for a fun weekend.

Leon Schuster is hard at work making a new movie. Famous Producer and Director Gray Hofmeyr (famed for Isidingo, Mama Jack and many others) based himself at Clements Retreat while shooting the movie locally. Keeping him company were his lovely wife Maria and costume design expert Gillian. Gillian sprained her ankle on set, not at Clements!!!

The camera and sound crew for the above movie were also based at Clements to keep them fresh. Pictured are Tom, Dirk, Brendan and Trevor.

Supergranny Corrie was treated to a stay at Clements Retreat by son,  financial manager guru Braam and his lovely wife Karin, herself a high powered human resources professional.

Retired police Colonel Suzette brought entrepreneur husband Craig to Clements to celebrate Craig's birthday with family and friends. Seen in the picture are Craig, Mark, Ishaara, Amanda, Kenny (also a birthday boy), Suzette, Zanielle, Nadia , Kayla, Dean and Martin.

      After weeks of preparation and planning Thabi brought his true love Faith to Clements to pop the big question. Luckily for him she said Yes!! We wish them both lots of happiness in their future together.


   Taking a long weekend break at Clements are the lovely Ilze with Jayden, Caitlyn, Tamaryn and man mountain Warren.


                   Occupational therapist for children Andrea brought sugar farmer Andrew all the way from Ixopo to enjoy a weekend break at Clements.


           Woman in engineering Tiny brought her favourite man Aubrey to Clements to celebrate his 30th birthday. Judging from his smile it is one he will always remember.

Mom Kay brought PhD husband Julian and clever son Ethan to Clements for a weekend break. They hail from the beautiful Kommetjie in the Cape.


Zane brought sixth year homeopath Chantell from Pretoria to enjoy the wide open spaces and tranquillity of Clements.


                               The magic of Clements Retreat continues. Fire control project manager Gavin brought his sweetie Lora to Clements to propose marriage to her.  Happily she said yes!! On Sunday they visited  Saddle Creek for horse riding and Shelter Rock for mountain climbing. We wish them all the best in their future life together. 

Mom Louise is the Master of Song. She brought pilot adventurer husband Nap, son James and daughter Engela to Clements. James is a sound and lighting engineer and Engela is a second year Fine Arts student.

We always get interesting people at Clements. Anet is a busy homemaker from van Zyl's Rus who brought hard working cattle and sheep farmer husband Frans, son Japie and Salomi to Clements. Salomi is a Speech Therapist and she and  Japie attended a local MacGuire programme to cure stuttering.


Joelle hails from the Cape and needed mountains to restore her karma. She chose Clements in the Magaliesberge to bring Ross for the weekend. He's an expert in composites.


Heidi Del Pozo brought Oupa and Ouma and their 5 beautiful daughters to stay at Clements for the wedding  of Juan at Askari Game Lodge. Seen in the photo are: top row: Inga, Jorge, Heidi, Oupa, Gloria and Janine. Middle row: Kelly, Michael, Shivonne, Juan,  Tineka, Jamie and Wade. Bottom row: Natasha and Wesley.   The Valley is still echoing with their laughter.



Philipp is a helicopter pilot flying for Netstar, the anti-hijacking vehicle recovery service. He brought Eeva to Clements for a quiet break in the West Wing


Amazing people are always arriving to stay at Clements Retreat. Lorrie and Rob are senior captains flying for SAA. They brought lovely wife Avis,  Dion, Caromien, Nico and Hayden to visit Clements. All the boys are SAA pilots. They arrived in magnificent old aeroplanes for a Fly In at Bald Eagles Aviation in Hekpoort. The Valley was treated to a marvellous display of flying and the stirring sound of old radial engines.


Adriaan and Erika brought their team all the way from Lydenburg for the Easter holidays. Hein and his Dad went bow hunting while Mom chilled out with Annemie, Doy and Francois.

Clements Retreat was honoured to host the wedding party of Joha-Mari (aka The Night Owl) and Greg. They brought along their close friends Stacey-Lee and Neil for a weekend long wedding reception. Others arrived later to fill the farm.

  Greg, Joh, Stacey, Neil

Christoff  was the Man of the Match in the under 11 schools rugby final held at Bekker Skole which his team won . Proud dad FC and Oupa FC used Clements as a base for the tournament. Sister Jana  and Mom Corne' enjoyed the birdlife, the dinosaurs footprints and the ostriches.

Nico came all the way from a copper mine in Chile to spend time with hot Italian fiance' Michela in the peace and quiet of Clements.


Nadine brought rugby player Andre to Clements for a weekend break.

After a 2 year stint in England Nicola brought Shane to Clements to enjoy the sunshine

West Rand family and friends came together at Clements Retreat for an overdue reunion. Pictured are Debbie, Caroline, Kevin, Hilda, Ivan, Audrey, Edward, Carol, Anthony, Hazel, Trudy,  Dean and Jimmy.

Birthday boy George was spoilt by his lovely wife Magda with a weekend at Clements. The family travelled from as far as Saldanha Bay to join in the celebration. Pictured from top left are: Ralie and Nick, George,Marelna, Magda and Henk. Front: Armand, Ryno, and newlyweds Tiaan and Maritza.

Presley and Tebogo, two tired communications experts came to Clements for a good rest with their daughter Aganang.


A very kind and generous Granny called Robin sent daughter Juliet and son in law Rohan to Clements for a well earned break. Daughters Neve and Shea had fun feeding the ostriches and swimming in the river with Dad. They also enjoyed a pony ride at Saddle Creek. Juliet is a business owner and Rohan is script writing the soon to be launched MTN series The Wild.


Clements hosted a royal birthday recently. Special needs teacher Queen Geraldene celebrated her birthday in the West Wing with fiance' Leslie, a systems technician. We wish them all the best for their wedding in June for 450 guests. 

Lisa brought Mom Chrissie to Clements with partner Liezel and her folks Flip and Thea for a Valentine's special. The girls are award winners at creating DVD's for any purpose. Flip is the man to contact for your garden equipment repairs in Centurion.

Financial market recruitment ace Candice brought IT fundi Jeremy to Clements for Valentine's.

Simon and Amanda (center) travelled all the way from Knysna for a wedding at Askari.  Completing the team are Vernon and Claudia, baby girl Jaime, Lisa and Colin with daughter Emily and son Jared.

Celebrating New Year at Clements are senior banker Mary and her clever kids Walter, Lerato and Katleho.


The Chabant clan from Durban were rounded up by gran Lesley and grandad Ken to chill out at Clements for the festive season. Pictured from the left are Gavin, Ken, Lesley, Rebecca, June, Hayley and Jenny . Rebecca named the calf born on the 24th of December Christmas Gift.

Daniela from Botswana brought son Aaron, daughter Luna and friend Claudia with son Fynn all the way from freezing Dusseldorf, Germany to enjoy Christmas at Clements.

Robert and Bianca chose Clements Retreat to celebrate  their first wedding anniversary in style. Here's to the next 50 years together.....

Back after a year the family of Mirrina and Gary Clinton came to Clements to celebrate daughter Tiffany's 10th birthday. Wanita brought along Dad Sakkie and his girlfriend Lindie. Friend Charl arrived with brother Cameron. The Dinosaurs footprints, the Giants chair and newborn impala Charlie were big hits.

The beautiful people flocked to Clements Retreat to celebrate the 50th birthday of Irene Hill. Pictured from the left are Carol, Lex, Carol, Hylton, Irene, Derek, Angela, Tom, Sean, Emma, Barry, Cara and Nicole

Three generations of the Els family reunited at Clements Retreat for a well earned holiday. All the way from Somerset West in the Cape are Oupa Cornie and Ouma Rosa. Cornelius and lovely wife Carolien brought daughter Ingrid and baby son Crispin to play with their grandparents.

After searching for a venue to rest and recuperate with his family youth development expert  Chris Murray brought adventurer Dylan, his sister Nadia and lovely Mom Zandra to Clements Retreat. Here they are sitting on the Giants Chair.

Back from the United States of America after completing his degree in business and a tennis scholarship is Ignatius and his lovely wife Michell. His business provides innovative solutions to South African problems in the educational field  


Visiting once again is strongman Ryan and his beautiful bride to be Cindy accompanied by friends Riaan and Laurian.

Jenny brought her hard working husband Ian for a well deserved break at Clements Retreat.

We must be doing something right. King Of the Mountains (see below for his original visit) Andrew Marsay, his wife Linda and friends Audrey and Gerald were back at Clements to enjoy the wide open spaces and the tranquillity. Audrey enjoyed her best sleep in years.  Andrew and Gerald highly recommend the mountain hiking facilities at Shelter Rock

Chanel and daughter Angie came all the way from Margate to enjoy a ride in the country with son Dean in his shiny new wheels. The roof folds into the boot at the press of a button. Clements Retreat proved a good base for touring, including a visit to Sun City.

All the way from Germany via Botswana are the beautiful Daniela and Heide. Their car broke down so their stay became longer than planned. "No nicer place to break down than Clements Retreat", says Heide.


Visiting for the horse riding at Saddle Creek are the two Stevens and the beautiful girls Daleen, Britney, Mischa and Cina.


Enjoying the exclusive wide open spaces of Clements Retreat are Emma, Tom, Irene and Sean. Skye, the Siberian Husky, also thinks the farm is a cool place.

Charl and Judy Ferreira brought little Luke and Christopher as well as Wayne, Vicky and Alexandra Botha (and the well behaved Juno and Jakes) for a long overdue break. Charl is an expert in raising capital for mining and resource companies.

Recent visitors from the West Rand are Rani and Shabeer.

This years winners of the Bride of the Year award from Sonshaw Wedding Photographers enjoyed their prize of a weekend at Clements Retreat. Here the beautiful Samantha (in the driving seat) and Jason  (providing the power) demonstrate their farming skills.

It was wonderful to enjoy the company of fellow guest farm owners. Annatjie and Chris Geldenhuys brought their son Leonard to Clements Retreat for a long overdue break. If you are looking for pet friendly accommodation visit them at Saamrus Guest Farm.

Recovering from a journey all the way from the Cape and Durban are three beautiful girls: Gill, Mona and Brenda.

The Easter bunny arrived at Clements Retreat on schedule. Sonja and Florian Kurz brought Nick, Mirabel, Nina, Till, Sophie, Georgia, Juliana and little Fabian for the long Easter weekend all the way from Botswana. Sophie and Georgia tell me that they enjoyed the waterfall, the horses and feeding the ostriches. 

Wedding photographers of note need a break from their busy schedule. Shaun and Sonja Powell hosted Neels, Wilma, Jan and Annemarie to a fun weekend. The laughter is still echoing around the farm. Shaun is a chef famous for his oxtail.

Two busy families came together to chill out from City stress at Clements Retreat. Marlene Narainsamy brought husband Melvin and daughters Nashmikah and Yarrushka as well as attorney Mervyn Naiker with his lovely wife Pravashini and daughter Thivaasha.

Motlatsi, Tumi and little Oratile came for the Om die Dam marathon. When he's not training Motlatsi is an actuary at RMB and Tumi is in the hospitality industry.

Ryan and fiance' Cindy are extreme adventure people who came for the horse riding at Saddle Creek and the Via Ferrata at Shelter Rock. Don't mess with him -- he's an amateur boxer.

Mandy and Brett Oosthuizen with Dylan, Dominique and Julia. All the way from Gaborone, Botswana. They enjoyed a mini holiday visiting the Valley of the Waves at Sun City, horse riding at Saddle Creek and quad biking at In the Gorge Adventures. Dylan has ridden many quad trails and rates them the best by far.

Jannie and Drika Nel with son Bertie and grandkids Zhian and Nikki. They loved the superpool. If you're thinking of moving to Oz, Jannie's your man for the move. 

Andrew Marsay and his wife Linda and son Peter. Andrew is famous for winning the incredible Harrismith mountain race.

Murray and Maxine Kennett from Botswana with the two Catherines and the irrepressible Amy. Catherine came all the way from Lichfield, Staffordshire, England to be with us. 

Mbaliyethu and rugby player Thabo -- soon to be seen playing for the Lions in the Super 14

Gary and Mirrina Clinton and their family and friends celebrating Tiffany's birthday. From the left:  Charl, Donovan, Dion, Tiffany, Mirrina, Gary, Hannes, Savannah, Annalisa, Tracy, Marieta, Wuanita and Leroy.  Mirrina assures me they are not related to Bill and Hilary Clinton, the former American Presidential couple.

Deon Terblanche and the travelling golf family. They chose Clements Retreat for their 5th anniversary venue for their annual jamboree. In the picture are Danie, Deon, Jacques, Ludwig, Pieter, Francois, Pieter and Werner.  Not in pic: Andreas. 



 Fiona Budd: Famous  ballerina and one of the two  Directors of the South African Ballet Theatre.  The most beautiful and graceful gate opener ever to visit Clements Retreat.

Jenna and the young professionals. Taking a break for the weekend are Jenna, Lior, Guy and Eduardo. The cows are impressed by their visitors.

Brendan Jack: Star of the movies Crazy Monkey Straight Outta Benoni and Footskating 101 . Also our son.  Seen with his fiance'  Pia. 


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