About Us

 In 2003 the Princess and I decided we'd had enough of

 the congestion of the Big City. So we bought a farm in the

 beautiful Magaliesberg mountains. On the river. And

 started working our bums off. Click here for pic.

I'm a retired executive. Instead of running the corporate treadmill I now devote my days to developing our Paradise.

 It is a never ending, but satisfying, assignment. The pay

 is poor but the quality of life unbeatable.

The Princess is an English III major. She  also specialises in

 serial killers. She likes the peace and quiet of the Valley

 to give her time to contemplate the mysteries of the world. 

Our dogs are border collies. Their names

 are Jono and Lexi. 

We live on the farm. Close enough for 100% support but far enough away to ensure complete privacy for our guests.

clementine the gecko

the farm mascot

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